Doesn’t THAT Hurt?

Doesn’t THAT Hurt?

Various Artists


From the long winter that envelopes Scandinavia in darkness for half a year, and with little else to do but watch animal pornography on television, it’s not surprising that the Nordic Death Metal scene would spawn a new niche comprising the gay community. Doesn’t THAT Hurt? is a collection of cutting edge gay death metal celebrating open, honest homosexuality. Apparently there’s quite a huge gay death metal scene in Sweden, and in Norway, some of the gay death metal bands and fans have been linked to mass thefts of frilly underwear for use in their bizarre rituals. The album isn’t limited to the Scandinavian gay death metal scene, though, as a number of German, British, American and Japanese gay death metal bands are featured as well. Judging from the liner notes and songs titles, even though there is an overtly gay theme to the album, there’s nothing held back as this is genuine death metal.

From Norway there’s Phallus Maximus, who sing about raiding gay discos and kidnapping the men for their own uses (“Rape of the Sabine Men 2000”). Germany’s Anüs ünd Pënis sounds like they’re a gay version of Carcass with their brutally gay tune “Voluntary Ecstatic Release of Excretory Fluids.” From America, (New York City) Assripper have a tune called “Administrating Kevin Oberlin’s Flesh Enema” that, frankly, is one of the best death metal songs of the year, gay or straight. Japan’s Rectuma comes off with two extremely heavy tracks, the “Rectuma Theme Song” and “Mansushi.” I don’t think that I was too surprised by Rectuma’s excellence and extreme gayness as I’ve been exposed to their sound ever since they released a split 7″ with fellow Japanese gay death metalers, Ow! (Ow! does, in fact, have a track included on Doesn’t THAT Hurt? called “Round Eye Ass Bruises Like Grape,” that rips.) All in all, I have to say this a really gay album.

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