Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein

I Was a Teenage Shutdown


I Was a Teenage Shutdown is the first of two live radio performances Electric Frankenstein did on WMFU (http://www.wfmu.org) back in April of 1996. (The second, How I Rose From the Dead in My Spare Time (And You Can Too) was reviewed in the February 1999 Ink Nineteen .) It’s a good snapshot of an Electric Frankenstein performance: no-nonsense, high-energy, awesome guitar-driven, angry punk rock. They’ve included “Teenage Shutdown,” “It’s All Moving Faster,” and “New Rage,” along with six other great punk rock tunes. An excellent document of a great punk rock band.

Estrus Records, P.O. Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98225; http://www.estrus.com

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