Gore Metal


That’s a fake head in the microwave. I’m sorry, but I can tell a real human head from a fake, and that photo gracing the liner looks like it’s made of wax. Same for the one of the severed hand in a stew pot and the “intestines” hanging from the chainsaw on the front cover. Exhumed knows for a fact that insulting retailers is the way to stardom, so why not go for all they can? Hey, didn’t Bob Dole gave Cannibal Corpse some free press?

But the pictures are so obvious… They’re going for the “legacy of Carcass” with songs like “Open the Abscess” and “Post Mortem Procedures,” which they pull off well, although musically they’re more along the lines of a Cannibal Corpse or Mortician. Song-wise, I guess they’re in the latter category, too. The rest of the songs are devoted to cannibalism, primarily of women who’ve died of nasty diseases. I need not quote lyrics here… And I don’t want to mention song titles, except, how about “Blazing Corpse” and “Casket Krusher,” which are much tamer than “In My Human Slaughterhouse.” They also cover Sodom’s “Sodomy and Lust.”

Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751; http://www.relapse.com

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