Eventually, Something Cool Will Happen

Devil in the Woods

If Devo were to drop onto the indie-rock scene, right now, with songs that resembled 1965-era Beatles on valium, they’d be huge. Well, at least musing through the deceptively low-fi, dreamy pop songs of Fiver’s debut, Eventually, Something Cool Will Happen , make it easy to imagine so. Though it doesn’t exactly rock, Fiver’s optimistic moodiness provides a perfect soundtrack for those thoughtful times when one has the urge to stretch out and wait, as Morrissey once put it. For daydreamers and those who search for shapes in the clouds, “Smoothie” and “Chalet Motel” compare favorably with the woozier sonic moments of Mercury Rev. “Feragogo” charms the ear with its fluid melodic transitions and “Turn Down the Pancake” — which likely began life as an acid ramble — builds to a lush, hallucinatory jam, scoring high points as a stand out track among a very appealing collection. Even odds say the members of Fiver could give very detailed descriptions of their shoes. Headphones recommended for the optimum listening experience.

Devil in the Woods, 785 Taft St. Suite #14, Albany, 94706;

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