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Big Sugar



If you’ve been finding your latest record purchases on a bit of a losing streak, or you simply want to counter the electronic aggression associated with techno, Big Sugar is your savior. Their unique blend of influences has created a fluid machine able to entrance rhythm and blues, reggae, and hard rock enthusiasts above our northern borders (Canada). Now they so graciously want to share their message with you, the American consumer. Be thankful, be very thankful! Twelve tracks that could pump crude oil from a stone mow you over. “Where I Stand” gets the ass a movie’ with a dub soaked beat that releases a fuzzy guitar riff that refuses to be shackled. “Better Get Used To It,” “The Scene,” “Girl Watcher,” and “Diggin’ A Hole” all prove to R&R heavies. A truly outrageous version of BTO’s “Let It Ride” is musical perfection done with reggae rhythms and a insane guitar solo. In fact, Heated shows why Nostradamus predicted world domination by Gordie Johnson and Big Sugar! I knew those pesky Cannucks were up to something.

Capricorn Records, 2205 State Street, Nashville, TN 37203

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