Jeep Beat Collective

Jeep Beat Collective

Technics Chainsaw Massacre

Bomb Hip-Hop

Remember when Run-DMC qualified their statement about Jam Master Jay by saying, “Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!?” Well, there’s no need to hedge one’s statements when talking about Jeep Beat Collective’s Technics Chainsaw Massacre . Yeah, despite the album’s clever title, the jams are pretty wack. Essentially, it’s a collection of hip hop singles by UK DJ The Ruf dating back to 1995. Although his work has appeared in notable places such as The Return of the DJ Vol.1 compilation (“The Bomb Drops”), hip hop is a fast-moving music, and four years have passed since the production of these tracks. In that short period, a new world of music has already unfolded, and this shit seems tired. Indeed, The Ruf’s technique on the Technics is deft, but the music seems to lack a depth that holds up under repeated listening. One scratch, and your itch for the Jeep Beat Collective is gone.

Bomb, 4104 24th Street, Suite #105, San Francisco, CA 94114;

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