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Side A

Hey, do you remember Alice In Chains? I do, I do. Their last album was so wonderful, but after Layne Staley’s random appearance on the soundtrack to The Faculty and more tired drug rumours, it looks like there will be quite a lull until the next album. I kind of miss them, they had such an air of white-trash-goth-metal grandeur about them. It’s safe to assume that Eviltwins misses Alice In Chains as well, but perhaps a little TOO much. Let’s just say that IT is the equivalent of musical stalking. Every Alice-ism is on display here for the lost and wandering fan, though in vastly more shoddy and dull form. The vocalist has got the Staley going on, though he probably picks through Eddie Vedder’s garbage can every so often, the bass is appropriately dark and down-tuned, and the guitarist must wow everyone down at the guitar store with his note-perfect rendition of “Dirt.” I can’t even bring myself to comment on individual songs on IT , this is just one long plodding piece of lumpen bastard rock. A group like Eviltwins simply has to find a sliver of style of their own or they are going to be the best-kept secret at their local tavern forever, although the cover band circuit is pretty lucrative in college towns. For the radio-rock fan, if Days of the New was a little too challenging for your tastes, you now have a new favorite band. For everyone else, this is a record for people who prefer WCW and “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan to the WWF and the Brood. Steer clear.

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