Leonard Skynrd

Leonard Skynrd

Pronounced and Live Record


I like all that southern rock and roll stuff, mostly Molly Hatchet and Outlaws, ’cause they are Florida bands, but the Almond Brothers are, too. In a way. My uncle says they used to play Daytona all the time, but they ain’t as good since Barry and Duane been gone. ZZ Top is good, but I like his old stuff better. Nobody better than this though. This band kicks ass! Hell. Some of them is dead for a long time and they can still kick more ass than most of the new bands does, and I’ll kick anybody’s ass who says they ain’t no good. I like them the most because they are so versatile. They got something for everbody. You can get drunk listening to them or you can make love to your sweet thang while you listen to them. They got fightin’ and loving songs both. You can dance slow to them or you can dance fast. If you need to cry, they ain’t nothing like “Tuesdays Gone With the Wind.” I like “Give Me Three Steps” and “Freebird” the best. You know that is a good song, ’cause it was in Forest Gump . I wished I had a CD player, then I would get there stuff on CD. My uncle gave me his 8 tracks and player, but my tape of Nothin Fancy broke and I can’t find another one. Ever’body likes different songs on it. “Give Me Back My Bullets” is a good song. That’s what I said to the cheif of police when he took mine. He didn’t think it was funny. If you only got one tape it should be pronounced or the live one.

MCA Records, 70 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

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