New American Shame

New American Shame

New American Shame


Well, the promopaper that came with it sure seems to like it. So what the fuck, put it in the CD player down at the surfshop and see what happens.

Whangablangablanga rowr. ROWRBAZZLE! Blangawhangawhanga.

At which point a couple of guys came in the shop, looking for a new board. The Theory of Noseriding was the discussion topic of the hour, and we evaluated the pros and cons of all kinda weird-ass physics that get invoked whenever you attempt to perch upon the tippy front end of your surfboard without taking a very ungraceful splash into the water, accompanied by the loud laughter of your friends.

We were still at it when I realized that the CD player had gone all the way through this thing and kicked to the next disk and nobody even noticed it.

Noseriding Theory ain’t THAT damn engrossing.

Which leads me to believe that whatever the hell went right past us like a ship in the night was – what? Hell, it wasn’t even BAD. Just wasn’t there at all. Probably good music for drunken parties.

Will Records, 1202 E. Pike Street, Suite 511, Seattle, WA 98122

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