One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Black Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Black Fish

A Goth and Industrial Tribute to Dr. Seuss


Beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss and the goth/industrial scenes may not seem to go together, but everyone was a kid once, and everyone on this surprising tribute album obviously grew up with the good Doctor’s books, as the 24 tracks collected show a great deal of love and effort, making for quite an interesting record, indeed. Some artists took the tack of remaking their own songs with lyrical tribute to Dr. Seuss, with some interesting results. For example, Al Jourgenson reads Green Eggs and Ham to the backing of Ministry’s “Stigmata” (who knew the two works had the same cadence?), while KMFDM read Fox in Socks to the backing of “Sucks.” The Cure take this a step further, hybridizing Robert Smith’s lyrics into one of Seuss’ all-time favorites for “And To Think That I Saw It On Fascination Street.” Front 242 take a similar tack with “Horton Hears a Headhunter.” Other artists have chosen to cover tunes from animated versions of the Doctor’s books, such as Liabach’s “Sie sind ein Mittel, Herr Grinch (You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch)” (sung completely in German). All in all, it’s an interesting — if unexpected — tribute to the man and his work.

Lorax Records, 123 Mulberry Street, Whoville, IN 63624

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