The Best of Pro-Pain

High Gain

When it comes to band names, I think “Pro-Pain” is one of the best for defining the kind of music they play. Mind you, some dopes think the name is “Propane,” as in the gas. No. “Propane” is what a whining Seattle-based Temple of the Dog cover band would call themselves. Pro-Pain is composed of, for, and about people who breed aggression. Considering that Pro-Pain used to be the Crumbsuckers, no more needs to be said about aggression and hardcore.

This album takes from Pro-Pain’s first three albums, Foul Taste of Freedom , The Truth Hurts , and Contents Under Pressure . And since everyone who’s into hardcore metal has them already, they’re included three live tracks (“State of Mind,” “Shine,” and “Crush”) and a previously unreleased version of “Take It Back” to satisfy the needs of those who need more pain. Also, this album is the precursor to a fourth album to be released soon. Until then, this sampler of excellent aggressive metal and hardcore will have to do. They’ve included some photos of dead people and a dead dog from the NYC police archives with the liner notes, too.

High Gain Records, somewhere, but they didn’t say where.

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