Spark Star Blue

Spark Star Blue

Dark Night of the Scarecrow


The music — right away it starts messing with my heartbeat. I think, now, halfway through the ’90s, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with a truly unique sound. Bands like Spark Star Blue have found one of the answers. To adapt what has gone before into what is still to come. Listening to the fullness of these songs, the up front and out there vocals, the shifts of the on beat offbeat heart beat drum beats, the chopped guitar, and the ice pick bass lines, I find this moves like desire nailed by amphetamine lust to the garage door of my temples. It’s like a suicide drive down a three in the morning freeway. Blazing through the night like a tight packed cigarette caught between the lips of an insomniac chain smoker, the strangest thing is how they seem to sound so minimalistically heavy while at the same time sounding so full. Overflowing.

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