Sunday Munich

Sunday Munich



A few weeks ago, I acquired a compilation disc of artists signed to the new label Kyan Records. The disc was entitled Praying For Something New . Since I had been doing just that lately, I hoped that some of these artists would be able to live up to the title. It didn’t take long, as I was struck immediately by the first track, “Prozac,” by a band called Sunday Munich. I proceeded to Kyan Records’ website and listened to more samples.

Amazingly enough, it truly is something new and damned good, as well. I ordered their debut disc, Pneuma , and I was stunned. This duo from Clearwater, Florida, comprised of a musician named Avis and lyricist/vocalist Sarah Hubbard, have created one of the most original and darkly beautiful projects I have ever heard. It is an amalgamation of many different types of music. It’s ethereal but not so gossamer that it floats away. It is grounded and raw with pain and emotion. The production could be slightly better, but every track is a haunting gem and a emotional masterpiece.

From the heart-wrenching vocals of “Smallest Tragedy” to the scratchy-old-record loops of “Pittance;” the creeping fear that oozes out of “Womanhood” to the beatier, yet devastating “Elaborate Schemes,” this disc must be heard. If you can’t find it, tell your local music store to order it. Anyone praying for something new will find it in Sunday Munich.

Kyan Records, P.O. Box 6745, Clearwater, FL 33758-6745;

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