The Mayflies U.S.A

The Mayflies U.S.A


Yep Roc

When “You and I” opens this album with a wail of savage feedback and distortion, then moves smartly into Teenage Fanclub-style pop, you get the feeling it’s gonna be a fun night. And right you would be, because the Mayflies U.S.A are one of those noisy, pretty, and harmonious pop groups that just happens to play rock music. Great songwriting, nifty guitars and layered vocals that I think they stole from a spare tape in Brian Wilson’s bedroom make for a listening experience akin to taking a long car trip with the radio fading from station to station, and you hearing all those songs you used to love. Snippets of Big Star bump up against Costello, who is playing guitar for the Who on a Hollies track. Hey, anybody who name-checks semi-obscure British guitarists who leave civilization to join a cult are coolio with me. (“Down With Peter Green”). Confused? Don’t be. Spin the disc. All will become clear. Produced by Chris Stamey, as so many great things are.

Yep Roc Records, P.O. Box 4821, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-4821

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