The Shit Girls

The Shit Girls

Hot ‘N Spicy


The Shit Girls phenomenon reached worldwide attention last summer with the announced quitting of lead shit, Mushy, coinciding with the pregnancies of two other shits, Stinky and Runny. The other Shits, Hard and Dark, though in the spotlight for various trysts, have yet to become impregnated; the world waits.

While the pregnancies and internal problems may have ruled out a tour until 2000 (which will include the little shits on stage with their mums), they were able to record this new album with their new lead singer, Latin sensation Mexican Food and Beer Shit. Hot ‘N Spicy is loaded with shit that certainly will please the fans of this immensely popular pile of shit. And with three videos currently in rotation on VsHit-1, the Shit Girls aren’t going away anytime soon. Those who may be strangers this shitty sensation, will recognize the first s-hit, “Ungh! Bombs Away” as the theme music to the new Ford monster SUV advertisement. The other two s-hits, “Flush Him Down Around the World” and “Humorous Euphemism for Defecation,” are currently used in high-fiber cereal and Metamucil advertisements, respectively. But don’t let the commercial appeal of this shit fool you, the Shit Girls are serious musicians and prove this on “Sweet Pain,” a poignant tune, sung a capella, about a brief, but wonderfully satisfying relationship gone down the drain.

Hot ‘N Spicy , it should be mentioned, is an enhanced CD that includes the three aforementioned videos as well as some behind-the-shits footage of their Mexico City “Montezuma’s Revenge” tour. This is some good shit.

Roger Mellie Records, 214 Fat Slags Drive, Bollocks-on-Tyne, UK

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