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Pure, raw, down and dirty psychedelic rockabilly punk. Clearly this band is about making a big, rockin’ racket with their loose, out-of-control music. Man, to mix wobbly, thundering organs with such reckless abandon, as they do on “Come and See My Friends,” might land them in jail for inciting motorcycle gangs to rape and pillage. “I Love Your Gravy” is what I imagine a swamp-hellbilly would sing while dancing around his bride-to-be before taking her up on his shoulder and wading out into the dark and muddy. The guitars on “I Do It Right” literally scream like a blitzkrieg attack on her body first thing in the morning.

Thundercrack has it exactly where it should be when “it” happens to be raw, unrestrained rock and roll. To back that up, “Suck It Dry” is what the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is supposed to sound like: mix that insane, uncontrolled primal jungle blues guitar with a theramin (or, in this case synthesized flying saucer-sounds) and the result is a near-supernatural frenzy. Then “Kill A Rich Man” and “The Way You Treat Me” reach down into a road-trippin’ groove that wreaks of the back woods and the girls who wallow in it. This will corrupt your daughters, dad.

Estrus Records, P.O. Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98225;

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