For Cassandra

For Cassandra

Written/Produced by Aral Wolf

Presented at Performance Space Orlando

We all make bad dating choices at one point or another, and being a Vampire doesn’t make any difference. Cassandra, a fiery and permanently PMS’d undead, wants her 15 minutes of fame, and kidnaps wussy Jerry to write her story. Number 6 in a long line of bad writers, Jerry reports the local gossip for the local mullet-wrapper newspaper. His writing will help keep this job forever. Just to keep him focused, Cassandra chains him to the floor. His only real qualifications for writing the Great Female Vampire Novel is a monumental passiveness and a preference for chains and abuse from a social climbing Vampira. Cassandra decides he needs a roommate to stimulate the creative juices, and captures clean cut Kristen, who at least gets chained to the comfy chair. Kristen had plans for the weekend, and isn’t into the B&D writing scene. She brushes up Jerry’s syntax, breaks out of the cuffs, and ends the suffocating relationship. Jerry stays, even when escape beckons. We all have friends like this. It’s so sad.

An interesting story line and crisp acting propels For Cassandra . Its only real weakness is the television fast cut of innumerable short blackout scenes, some only a few seconds long. A complete understanding of vampire lore is underlying in the writing, but never comes across as silly-scary or pedantic. Minimal sets force the actors to create space from action and emotion. Cassandra (Nikki Darden) exudes spite and sex, the sort of girl you fantasize about until you actually meet her. Pathetic Jerry’s (Anthony Holstein) skills fail to measure up to his ambition, and a whup up side the head might set him straight.

See this play if you can find it. If it seems real, then you’re in it already.

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