Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin



Goddamn it! With Richard James alive and making music, who needs anything else? Supermarkets should close, no need for water, and we sure don’t need record stores. We just need some computers (Macs, of course) and really high quality stereos. After listening through the three-song CD, you may ask, “why in the hell do we need computers when he has one”? Because it takes a computer to view the Quicktime video, “Windowlicker,” which comes inside that shiny little disk called a CD. It is the most incredible video I have seen since “Thriller.” The choreography is incredible, Rich (if I may call him that) has more steps then Michael Jackson and Madonna put together. Aphex fans will not be disappointed; this is a sign from our savior, a scripture from his demented brain. I love you Aphex!! Thank you, and I thank your mother, who spawned your crazy arse.

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