Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin

Come To Daddy


I know this isn’t the most recent release on the shelves, but none the less, it needs my total respect. When I first received Come To Daddy it got one go-around on the five-disc carousel, then on to the CD shelf. I can blame it all on the first track, “Come To Daddy”. That first track can only beloved by hard-core Ministry or Nitzer Ebb fans. It is a definite accomplishment in the respect that it is incredibly technical, but is incredibly obnoxious and shouldn’t be heard by minors. The rest of the album is incredible, magnificent, outstanding, warming, analog love, heart felt joy. Can be only compared to Squarepusher, Autechre, and himself, Aphex Twin. The keyboard playing isn’t structured, using repetitive riffs, but warm piano-playing style emotion. The kind of stuff that can pull tears from your heart. The beats are more technically complicated then any Autechre album that I have ever heard. Track four in particular, “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball,” is a total piece of art, from the arrangement going through the beats and every place in-between. Imagine a metal ball with the elasticity of one of those rubber balls that you used to buy from those twenty-five cent machines at K-Mart. Bounce it on a table, moving your hand closer to the table’s surface. Now do it on your computer, and make it sound good enough to be in the new Star Wars movie. If you like Autechre, Squarepusher, or I.D.M. in general, this is gonna f*%k with your head like no other! Make Come To Daddy part of your collection today. Thank you, shop again.

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