Cindy Lee Berryhill

Cindy Lee Berryhill

Living Room 16

Griffith Park

Most live albums are recorded in front of huge, packed houses. Cindy Lee Berryhill’s new live album, Living Room 16 , is no exception. She recorded it to a packed house of about 20, in a fan’s living room. The recording was also simulcast live on the Internet. The cliché of the artist sounding like they are playing in your living room has been taken literally. The sound is marvelous, as good as Cindy Lee’s studio records. Her stories and banter with the audience are left intact, giving her humor a chance to shine through. The album is intimate and lovely, with some great old Cindy Lee songs like “Diane” and “Damn, I Wish I Was a Man,” as well as a number of great new tunes. Living Room 16 is a treat for Cindy’s fans and a great place to come on board for people looking for a folk singer with some soul, that is willing to challenge the traditions and be forward thinking and original.

Griffith Park Records, P.O. Box 232672, Encinitas, CA 92923;

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