002/A Safe Place EP

Second Nature

My introduction to Coalesce came with the brilliant 002 EP on Earache. The music was intense, the vocals screamy and the whole sound was utter chaos. Those three songs set me on track with this band, and I have definitely watched them grow and mature into a real machine of a band. After some personnel changes and a slight style change, the band decided to re-release the 002 EP. This is a good way to gauge the changes the band has made by comparing, it also gives the band a chance to record the songs the way they really wanted to. Hopefully it is not just a way to make money.

The real difference these days is the voice, which was rather high pitched and straining before. It is now a furious growl. The songs are a lot tighter, but the band has been together a lot longer now. Years of constant touring will do that to a band. The other songs on the CD, “A Safe Place” and “Blend As Well,” are from a 7″ on the Edison label. Both songs are incredible, the changes are right on. This band has a technical aspect that never really interferes with the emotional/political subject matter the lyrics deal with. This is a good CD, you’ll have to decide whether the 5 songs are worth the $12 asking price.

Second Nature, P.O. Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138

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