Crust Brothers

Crust Brothers

Marquee Mark


The Crust Brothers are comprised of Silkworm and S. Malkmus from Pavement. This disc was recorded live on December 5, 1997 as a benefit concert for the Washington Wilderness Coalition. Although there are no new songs and no Pavement songs, there are a bevy of Dylan (basement tape era) tracks. They also perform a rousing version of “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” that no less a reviewer than Greil Marcus considered the best version of this song ever (if it appeals to pseudo-Marxist intellectuals, it has to be good). If you are a fan of Dylan, Silkworm, or Pavement, you will not be disappointed. This is available only via mail order; send $15 in well-concealed cash.

Crust Brothers, 123 12th Ave. East (Front) , Seattle, WA 98102;

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