Dubtribe Sound Systems

Dubtribe Sound Systems

Bryant Street

Jive Electro/Imperial Dub

If you have ever experienced a Dubtribe performance or a spinning vinyl single and felt an inkling of enjoyment, you are obligated by the powers of House to make the purchase. The Bryant Street album is the word in essential to anyone kind of interested in House music. There are nine talented guest musicians playing a full spectrum of house grooves through live instruments such as the Fender Rhodes, violins, cello, sax, trumpet, bongos, and congas. All the songs are meshed together to not just bring you a album of twelve tracks, but a single CD full of red light, funky, deep, love your brother and sister, moving groove.

Moonbeam and brother Sunshine share their concern for the plastic people and those that want to harm the earth and man. They are expected to change your life and the life of people around you with vocals that actually have meaning and depth. It’s as if Chuck D was reincarnated as two longhaired white dudes that live in San Francisco.

This album also has a lot of love; as a matter of fact, it’s sometimes gooey with it. A very sweet, well done goo, but goo nonetheless. House fans, here is your BT, your Goldie, your R.I.T.M., you must support the birth of house into this growing plateau of strength, as artists release entire albums so you don’t have to rely on house compilation labels to pick and choose what you hear and how you hear it.

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