Tooth and Nail/Solid State

I fucking could’ve bet on the day that I’d see a Christian black metal band. And from Norway, the unholiest of black metal scenes, too. Yes, Extol is that band, and you’ve really got to hand it them — that takes balls. Anyways, Extol plays mix ‘n’ match with a variety of modern black metals: progressive/power, classic speed-thrash, Emperor-epic, and “true northern,” all in descending frequency; exceptionally tight and melodic all around and, when it wants to, quite powerful. But all too often, Peter Espevoll’s “grinding vocals” either blend into the electric mix or lack the jaw-dropping emotion black metal’s best vocalists (e.g., Ulver’s Garm) possess. Nonetheless, highly suggested for black metallers of none-too-discriminating taste.

Tooth And Nail Records, P.O. Box 12698, Seattle, WA 98111-4698

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