Four Two Pudding

Four Two Pudding

Various Artists

Very Small

A compilation of stuff originally released between 1989-1993 on Very Small Records. Not comprehensive (it’s only one CD after all…), but it does give me some of the songs I wanted but didn’t want to pay outrageous collector prices for (Jawbreaker’s “Fantastic Planet”… well, that’s pretty much it) as well as introduce me to a bunch of cool punk rock shit I missed. Very Small seems to have had odd, eclectic tastes throughout the years, and I can dig that. You can be sure I’ll have my eye out for more stuff by Corrupted Morals, Econochrist, Schizoid, Dissent, Coffee & Donuts, Soup, Fuel, Sewer Trout (I think they became Elmer), Nuisance, Lizards, Downfall (ex-Operation Ivy?), Schlong, and Nar. There are more bands but those were the ones I liked. Twenty-five tracks in all.

Very Small Records, P.O. Box 12839, Gainesville, FL 32604

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