I was sitting up really late one night recently, typing long IM’s to a girl I met in NY. It was probably 2 or 3 in the morning. Pretty weird atmosphere, etc. Pretty exhausted and spaced out. All of a sudden, I hear this light tapping. I think, “oh, someone’s at my window?” I look up, and the tapping spreads to BOTH windows. I immediately think, “IT’S THEM! THE ALIENS ARE HERE TO GET ME.” I then realize it’s coming from every wall, the ceiling, the floor, my door…sounds like millions of little fingers scraping on EVERYTHING. It sounds like a tank is going to come through my wall. I grab at my chest (my heart is fucking racing) and just about jump out of my seat. I notice a cable hanging from the side of my head. It’s leading to the CD player. I reach over and hit PAUSE as quickly as possible. I sit there for about ten seconds, trying to calm down and regulate my breathing. My hands are shaking really bad. Finally, as my rational faculty returns, I realize I had put the Gargamel CD in the player about a minute or so before that, and forgotten about it (and the player didn’t read the disc …it does that often, since it’s so old.) After calming down enough to MOVE ANY PART OF MY BODY ACCURATELY (besides typing lots of obscenities/expletives to the NY girl), I look over at the CD player, and it is paused at 2 SECONDS.

That was my first experience with the music of Gargamel. I have not been that scared ever, not even in car accidents.

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