Ill Ease

Ill Ease

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Hearing that strangled vibrating voice, I can’t help but think of sadly departed Timmy Taylor, vocalist for (also sadly departed) Brainiac. Ill Ease have other Brainiacky things going for them. To be fair, they’re mostly things Brainiac themselves copped from other bands — edgy chords, mechanically precise playing of organically complex musical ideas, and an overall sense of not knowing whether this particular song was the result of some off-the-cuff studio riffing or dedicated hours spent tweaking every last note. “New York London Paris” features a startling marching beat, an insidious Rhodes jingle, and a ton of textured noises, all sitting behind an affected recitation of “New York London Paris Tokyo Rome.” Brainiac people, take note. Also, fans of Blonde Redhead, Beekeeper, and other studiously angular outfits will find plenty to make Ill Ease their new favorite obsession.

Smilex Records, P.O. Box 3662, Los Angeles, CA 90078

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