Alright — more quality solipsist pop! Graham Smith is credited with all musical functions on here, from songwriting to engineering, and the results, as expected, are intensely focused. Kleenexgirlwonder has a sort of fuzzy guitar pop that often slides across a shifting bed of loops and samples. Think of the Tall Dwarfs using modern digital technology instead of dodgy analog tapes. Tracks like “I Cut Myself In Half” sound like a big daiquiri out of the sonic blender, with stabs of sound sprinkled in amongst the heady melody. Smith seems to have no shortage of ideas, as evidenced by the fact that though this disc contains 25 tracks and clocks in close to the theoretical maximum of 74 minutes, there’s really no point at which things become repetitive or dull.

March Records, 51 Main Street, Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706; http://www.marchrecords.com

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