A Place In The Sun

RCA / Dirty Martini

I must say that this band grew on me. Very catchy, melodic, and heavy. “My Own Worst Enemy” has been getting lots of radio attention lately — and if you haven’t heard it yet, I’m sure you will soon. The magical buttons are suddenly being pushed for this band, and for good reason: I was surprised at how many of the tracks on this disc sound like they could be the hit single. Each one of them has a really great, singable chorus. The recording is great, and the overall graphic design is very colorful and attractive. Lots of tricky wording in the lyrics; just when you think they’re saying one thing, they tag on one more word and change the meaning. There’s probably a term for that. Dammit, these songs are so sugary and heavenly that I tend to forget that most of the songs are about cars, lost love, and being drunk.

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