Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors

Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors

Sock Ray Blue


I can’t possibly say anything about Mojo Nixon that isn’t better said by his lyrics. Sock Ray Blue starts off with “I Don’t Want No Cybersex,” and the opening lines, “I wanna taste your motherboard/and click your scuzzy drive/And when you feel me power up/That won’t be Intel inside” set the tone for another record full of hilarious character assassination and insightful commentary on life in modern times. My favorite targets this time out include OJ Simpson (“Orenthal James (Was a Mighty Bad Man)”), electronica (“Machines Ain’t Music/I Got My Mojo Workin’,”), Disney and McDonald’s (“Disney is the Enemy”), and a certain “institution” in Cleveland (“Rock N’ Roll Hall of Lame”). The tunes have a solid rockabilly and blues base (courtesy Mojo’s long-time band, the Toadliquors) that makes them stick to your brain for days. Sock Ray Blue is highly recommended to Mojo’s legion of fans, and anyone else that digs a good rock n’ roll groove and a good time.

Shanachie Records, 13 Laight St., New York, NY 10013;

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