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Some people who I invariably have to rub elbows with wonder why I like punk rock. Well, it’s because I invariably have to rub elbows with such people, that’s why. All my life, ever since I first discovered punk rock, I have used punk rock to release me form the agony of forced dealings with assholes.

So I’m here, at 36 years of age, and I’ve just finished my laundry. And I’m folding all my clothes (95% of my socks matched this time!). And I’m listening to the Templars. Their music is so, so… I want to use a word that expresses a freeing, uplifting, headbanging feeling. As I fold my clothes, I’m having flashbacks to when I was 17 and hated everyone (still do) because I didn’t fit in. I’m remembering cranking up the Sex Pistols and singing along, releasing all the energy of frustration… The Templars play gritty, all-out three-chord Oi, with awesome, near-angelic power solos and melody reminiscent of the old UK punks from ’79. The Templars are no-holds-barred and take-no-shit.

But it’s more than the music, it’s the songs. “You Decide,” “Boredom,” “Guardian Angel,” and “These Four Walls” talk about exactly what’s going through my head. No matter what, people are going to be assholes and there’s no way out of the angst except through great punk like this. I react to the Templars, though their lyrics are pretty strong-handed, in a similar way to bands like Supernova; it’s the uplifting power in the guitar solos. I swear, if you’re looking for an escape from your mom’s nagging or knocking on your door to tell you some bullshit look no further.

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