The Juliana Theory

The Juliana Theory

Understand This Is A Dream

Tooth And Nail

When the girls get tough, guys have no choice but to get wimpy. This sounds like four guys with the most advanced case of Peter Pan Syndrome this side of “I wish I was still 5 years old and playing with G.I. Joes and making endless strings of pop-culture references because I’m the only person who ever had Lincoln Logs” County. It’s a very intriguing phenomenon. If you’re a tough girl and you like to be sad and pine for your childhood, or a boy who’s not allowed to be tough because your riot-grrrrlfriend will beat your ass and now you’re sad but that’s good because girls will let you cuddle with them at night after which sex will just happen because you’re a sweet, sad little boy, go and buy this CD immediately. Barf, barf, barf!

Tooth And Nail Records, P.O. Box 12698, Seattle, WA 98111-4698

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