The Lonesome Organist

The Lonesome Organist


Thrill Jockey

When they finally do Baker Act me, the ambulance better play the Lonesome Organist’s “Balloon Race Phenomenon” all the way to the loony bin. The Lonesome Organist is indeed both, tickling the keyboards, guitars, etc. all by himself, sometimes at the same time, as in the aforementioned track. The Organist’s music easily dances in, about and around the clichés, producing songs that sound familiar and strange at the same time. Disintegrating circus music, spastic ragtime, silent movie soundtracks, and the odd theremin number are all important elements here. So is complete abandon — I picture the Organist madly shaking a sweat-soaked, stringy head of hair as his hands blur into a pounding frenzy of keyboard abuse. Refreshingly insane.

Thrill Jockey Records, Box 476794, Chicago, IL 60647

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