Eevil Young Flesh


Rudy Ratzinger is the one man show behind Germany’s Wumpscut, who are certainly at the height of popularity in the industrial world. Deservedly so. Evil genius Rudy has a way of commanding one’s attention with his dark energy. This disc is a fine follow up to last years Embryodead . The tunes are a little slower and more melodic, keeping in continuity with the last disc, but still powerful enough that you can’t get them out of your head.

The one thing that confuses me is this; he is marketing a limited edition box set featuring the German version of the disc called Boeses Junges Fleisch . However, this domestic release, called Eevil Young Flesh has 11 tracks; three instrumentals, six songs in German, and two songs, “Wulf” and “Wasted Dreams,” done half in German and half in English. This is perplexing, especially since the lyrics are all in English as are the titles. So, anyone who’s heard the “Totmacher,” which then became the “Deadmaker” single, don’t expect to hear an English version of it on here. Still, none of this detracts from the album’s sheer brilliance and intensity. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to understand the words. Well, one can always memorize the provided English translations. I can’t pick out any weak songs here, and that’s a first for me and Wumpscut, as much as I love ’em. Another triumph for Rudy R.

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