Come On In, the Water’s Warm

Come On In, the Water’s Warm

starring Spit

“See the music videos MTV would never dare to show.”


No, I would not expect MTV to show a video for “Asshole Man” or “My Big Dick” or “Godfather of Smut,” the latter being a tribute to porn star Ron Jeremy (he’s in the video…). Nor would I expect to see the live footage from the “Reach Out and Spank Someone” tour or the S&M parties… I now have this in my house — tastefully mailed in a plain brown wrapper.

Come On In , the Water’s Warm contains lengthy interviews with Vinnie Spit and his troupe of S&M performers, including Mistress Jacqueline. There are “interesting” scenes of hot candle wax being dripped on unclad, bound people, whipping, “toys,” and lots of leather. We even get to see singer Julia Semple set Mr. Spit’s hair on fire (it’s an accident, she says). I don’t think this would qualify as hard-core, but there’s nothing you can’t see and there are plenty of close-ups going along with, for example, “Asshole Man.” The live footage is worth seeing, especially the early shows that look like they were put on in someone’s garage. There’s the famous “spanking incident” at an Idaho venue, as well as some good scenes of Vinnie getting angry at his fellow musicians when they miss a beat.

The interviews, though, aren’t about pornography, they’re about the amazing Mr. Spit and how he was able to forge a serious career in music (he plays at least ten instruments) against insurmountable odds. I mean, this is stuff the record companies couldn’t understand, let alone want to touch. So he did it all on his own. This is his story.

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