Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

From the sex-themed Berlin, the theme of love appeared as the next act took the 99X stage. BBVD announced that this was their last gig of a sixteen-month tour to promote their album. The band played like it was their first, as each of the eight musicians performed to their apex.

They opened with “King of Swing,” and the band never stopped jumping. Their performance was carefully choreographed and executed perfectly, with only one unplanned stop in the act. A fight broke out in front of the stage, and chief Daddy-O Scotty Morris derided the two men, trying to make light of the situation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that funny when one man emerged bleeding from the head, and a girl had to be carried out after she fainted from seeing the bloody mess, but the band swung on. There wasn’t much room by the stage for a Lindy Hop, but people made do within their own personal spaces. The audience sang along to “Minnie the Moocher” and “You and Me and Bottle Make Three Tonight.” BBVD focused a lot of time on the instrumental breaks and solos, letting each horn player let loose, extending the length of each song. This way, the audience could appreciate the talent and showmanship of all the performers, not just Scotty. “I’m on a mission to spread love,” Scotty announced during Karl’s sax break, as he walked across the stage touching his heart. They closed with “Maddest Kind of Love,” a song they haven’t played on tour, but one that was a favorite of theirs.

Dressed in their finest gladrags, these eight cats proved that talent would outlast any fad fueled by the Gap. Plus they’re a real fun band to watch.

Between the passionate sex of Berlin and the wholesome love of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, I could only ponder what perversion Hole would dish out next on the 99x stage.


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