with Catching Thorns

Das Machine, Orlando, FL • April 15, 1999

If you are an “industrial” fan (although they don’t really like to be labeled just “industrial”) and you haven’t heard Luxt, you need to be kicking yourself in the ass. Okay, don’t. They’ll do it for you when you buy their discs. But they will really give you a stomping if you catch them live, in all their sound and fury. Being in Ft. Lauderdale, when I heard they were coming to Orlando, there was no hesitation — I was going to make that four-hour drive. Four and a half for me, because I can’t get any more speeding tickets.

I checked into my sleazy hotel, and proceeded to the club, where I met the band listening to the sound check of the opening act, Catching Thorns. They are some local boys from Orlando with a promising electro-goth sound. Watch for ’em.

After the band got some much needed Thai food in them, they were ready to go. And go they did, like mad. The duo, on record, are the beautiful Anna Christine, and the big scary-looking (actually a teddy bear) Erie Loch. Live they are supported by a superior trio of musicians. The show started off to some very minor technical difficulties, which were soon forgotten about once the band flew into action. Anna never stopped, thrashing her head like mad, and making those sexy-evil faces, while Erie manned the drums and sung along with her.

The crowd shouted for some of the slower favorites, like “Devil’s Advocate,” “Winter Kills,” and “perpetusex,” but Luxt were relentless, dishing out only the head-splittingest material possible. They were tempered in raw energy, and performing excellence. For an encore, the crowd shouted for the favorite “Spite,” off Razing Eden . They were a blast live, and if you are unfamiliar with their work, I suggest start with Disrepair , then move on to the latest, Razing Eden . Then go back and find or order yourself their early gem Jezebel 13:3 . DO IT, DAMN YOU!

Or else I’ll send Erie after you!

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