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Darrell Scott reached a pretty high level of success several years ago as a part of Canada’s Mercy Brothers. He wrote several of their chart-topping songs and won several Juno Awards as a part of the Mercy Brothers (Junos are Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy Award, except they more often mean a little something).

Despite his modest level of success, and his ability to find regular work in the music business, he decided to abandon his career for a while to attend Boston’s Tufts University, where he studied literature and poetry. He also studied at London University for a year. These days, this is a rather odd path for a “folk-country” musician to take, but it’s not really unheard of. It’s just really rare to find this much musical and technical talent in a player who’s also a great writer. This man can play just about any instrument he picks up.

Scott moved to Nashville several years ago, and has knocked out many commercial soundtracks and has done many sessions with the best of them, including…dare I say it? Garth Brooks. He could make a very comfortable living in Nashville, working close to home concentrating on session work and commercial soundtracks. He’s in fairly high demand, and he has gained the respect of the finest players in town. many of them are willing to contribute to his work, which never hurts.

This, his second album, is themed around the trials and tribulations that a sometimes picture-perfect, sometimes dysfunctional family must endure. The songs are often sweet celebration, with an occasional dark turn thrown in here and there. Scott’s years of experience and study have paid off well. He is an excellent writer and musician, and likely the best thing to come out of Nashville in years. For diversity, I preferred his first release, Aloha From Nashville , with its Lyle Lovett-style jazzy tribute to Martha White, and his song that explains how to write a country song, “End it All Up with the Title of the Song.” This is a more cohesive and serious release. In any case, both of his recordings are excellent.


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