Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra

Make Me Believe

One Man Clapping

From all descriptions, one would take Hoekstra to be some sort of folkie – a recycled Dylan, or maybe another Bruce. This record is based in the “strum and brood” mentality, but before ya run away with your hands over your ears, give this a listen. Start with “Sam Cooke Sang the Gospel”: “When Sam Cooke sang the gospel he sang it straight and true/ Took a look at temptation and bought himself a suit.” It’s a wry kickoff to this very original record. By track 3, “Choices,” Hoekstra is warming up, getting into a groove thing that is aided well by a sweet voice named K.K Falkner. “Every Lover’s Breath” is a great little rocker, with multi-string man Angus Wahoo adding fuzz bass, slide guitar and generally a real “in your face” presence. Great stuff. “Kirkwood Hotel” starts with chorus vocals ala Laurie Anderson, invoking a Brian Eno sort of feel. Little squirrelly touches abound on this record. It merits repeat listenings. I don’t know exactly where Doug Hoekstra has been hiding all these years, but he’s learned a few things. Listen to a few of them on Make Me Believe .

One Man Clapping Records, 2032 North Racine, Chicago, IL 60614;

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