This “Revolution”


Have you ever received an oddly-shaped box for Christmas? I’m not talking about something as simple as a triangular prism or a really long tube. This is something pentagonal on one side, with a hemisphere jutting out back and a series of spiky cones sprouting from the top. Such is the case with this album, which after careful perusal from the options outside, I’ve decided is being released by Dufus, is titled This “Revolution” and is available from Opulence. Proceed with caution.

The contents within achieve the difficult task of living up to this vaguery. The stylings of songwriter Quankmeyer Faergoalzia have their origins with an acoustic guitar. There’s a strong sense of melody that comes across as more than a bit fragmented. There’s moments that would have been edited out by lesser artists out of fear of sounding dorky (check out the chorus of “Wee Ma Moo”), but here they’re brazenly espoused. Faergoalzia’s voice is strong and sweeping, while the backing band’s rockisms do their best in bringing out the subtle wrongness of his approach. Dramatic and sometimes uncomfortable, this is about the only thing that could possibly fit inside that outlandish package. Dave Matthews/Hootie fans should check this out — it’ll be like tasting fruit off the vine after a lifetime of grape soda.

Opulence! , P.O. Box 2071, Wilmington, NC 28402-2071; Kenyata@juno.com

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