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Gene Moore

Carnival of Souls (Original Score) (Birdman). Review by Carl Glaser

Gene Moore

Carnival of Souls (Original Score)


The brief liner notes by screenwriter John Clifford explain the genesis of this music, some of the spookiest I’ve ever heard, as the (sometimes-improvised) soundtrack to a quickly-made horror film. There’s bits and pieces of dialogue, incidental flourishes like the orchestral “Travel Music” and the jazz-club “At The Bar” series. But it’s the organ tunes, reverberating as though they were exiting the mouth of hell, that really creep me out. This is a really strange album for folks of discerning taste. Play it at your next Halloween bash and watch your guests squirm…

Birdman Records, 1409 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91506

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