Well, guys, what can you say? It’s dismissive for fans of the old Haujobb just to listen to half-a-track, throw up your hands and say “it sucks.” Then again, you may still feel that way after carefully listening to every blurp and bleep on the disc. Haujobb, from the beginning, have been an evolving band. It was quite a leap from Homes and Gardens to Solutions for a Small Planet , but I still liked Solutions . I think it bothers us because they were kind of the second wave of industrial pioneers, after S.P. and the lot. And when they released Matrix after Solutions , well, some of us just weren’t prepared to jump that far. I think this disc far exceeds Matrix , at least in the sense that it has some musical coherency and some nice male and female vocals on it. Pretend they aren’t Haujobb anymore, than ask yourself, “do I like this?” For those who have heard the “Less” single with Vanessa Briggs on vocals, I feel that if you liked that, you’ll like this disc. It can be relaxing, we don’t always have to be thrashing about all angry-like. Chill, and maybe it you’ll dig it. Just don’t think about Homes and Gardens .

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