In Between Blue

In Between Blue

In Between Blue

Sol 3

D is for “damn, they sure do remind me of old Love And Rockets or some other artsy 80’s boy outfit.”

R is for Red House Painters, only because In Between Blue evoke maybe three of the same feelings that I get when I listen to Red House Painters. In Between Blue have got more of a cabaret despair thing going.

A is for Alternative Press , whose cover In Between Blue would have graced back in 1992. Remember those days? The Blue Aeroplanes, Depeche Mode, the Throwing Muses, 4AD, Curve, Sugarcubes, My Bloody Valentine, Nitzer Ebb…

M is for Morrissey, synonymous with depression, arrogance, unrequited love, selfishness, self-obsession and all of the best in human emotion. I’m kicking myself for not using “melancholy.”

A is also for Alone, because I think you should listen to this record when you are feeling melancholy and all abandoned.

T is for Testosterone Rock, which they lack in their music. Oh yeah.

I is for Icy, because In Between Blue sound icy, distant, and self-absorbed, the way bands should sound. Thank you.

C is for Competent effort, without the Critic trying to sound snotty or at all Condescending.

Bunch of whiners.

Sol 3 Recordings, 45 Orchard St., Suite GFW, New York, NY 10002

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