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“Don’t Make Me Go There, Honey,” “All That and a Bag of Chips.” Hey Mark, you left out a few cliches. Maybe on the next record. At first listen, I thought this was some sort of twelve-step record, or possibly a collection of songs based on Ricki Lake Show themes. The second time I listened, I got it, I think. It’s Gay Twang. This is a niche that nobody’s doing, and this record is a good argument for keeping it that way. If I didn’t think he was serious, this might make a good novelty record. With lines like “Let’s come down from the cross, somebody might need the wood,” “I’m here and I’m Queer, so get used to it,” and his incredible rhyming skills (Who would’ve ever thought of using “paid our dues” to rhyme with “blues”?), this recording is almost so bad that it’s good. Unfortunately, it falls just a little short. Nevertheless, I’m sure that his live performances will have some of his fans pumping their fists in the front row.

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