Mike Ness

Mike Ness

Cheating at Solitaire

Time Bomb

One of the most admirable qualities about Mike Ness is his uncompromising attitude, which he has used for nearly 20 years towards making music. When most wouldn’t dare reveal influences such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, or Woody Guthrie, Ness proudly wore his influences on his sleeve without a second thought to how the “punk” scene would react. Where Ness was only able to dabble with Social Distortion, he fully indulges in himself in old blues, country, folk, rockabilly, and old school rock and roll (of course, with a little punk attitude.) Though Ness covers songs from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan among others, he plays them in a way all his own. With 11 originals and four cover songs, Cheating at Solitaire covers the whole gambit of Ness’ influences. Special guests include Bruce Springsteen, Brian Setzer, and the Royal Crown Review horn section. This album not only appeals to most Social Distortion fans, but to non-Social Distortion fans as well. Mike Ness shows how versatile he is as a musician and what a promising career he has ahead of him long after he is finished playing punk rock.

Time Bomb Recordings, 219 Broadway #519, Laguna Beach, CA 92651; http://www.timebombrecordings.com

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