Pillage People

Pillage People

Attack of the Bloodsucking Retards


I’m tempted to leave it at “…the title says it all…” But no, there’s more!

Attack of the Bloodsucking Retards is chock full of unrelenting Black Flag-style hardcore punk. And I’m encouraged after meeting these folks that, since they’re probably not old enough to legally drink, great punk rock lives on! And I should mention that Bobby Steele, after discovering the Pillage People, decided to have a couple of them join the Undead.

The album title is so great, so incredibly stoopid, it’s so, so, well, Punk rock, isn’t it? A band that records songs like “Shut Up – You Suck” and “Beating the Shit Our of Everyone,” not to mention “Life is Ugly so Why Not Kill Yourself” obviously has made a lifetime commitment to refuse to sell out and become corporate, right? Well, someone is going to come beating down their doors after hearing “In the Gas Chamber” or “Postal.”

Just another great local hardcore band with a lot to say and great punk rock behind it. Hardcore dunce punk? Makes a great stocking stuffer… Look, you want to bug your parents? This’ll do the trick.

PIS Music, P.O. Box 221, Delaware, NJ 07833

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