Raise Hell

Raise Hell

Holy Target

Nuclear Blast

Oh, my god! I can’t believe the band photos on the inside. It’s amazing that they didn’t get any blood in their pretty, flowing, blonde hair and expensive guitars. How did they do it? I would actually like the music if I hadn’t read the lyrics or seen what they look like; it’s great white noise for falling asleep to. And the bullets… that’s a little too much. The drummer, of course, is unbelievably fast; so are the rest of the band; what do you expect? The lyrics are probably the official Black Trenchcoat Mafia Theme-Song: “I can not resist to hate these living creatures, I must end their so-called lives.” Someone needs to get over high school, I think!

Nuclear Blast, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106, (215) 923-0770

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