Road Rage

Road Rage

Nothin’ to Declare


Echoing the U.K. Subs in their prime, England’s Road Rage plays full-throttle Brit-punk full of drunken lout choruses ripe for raising a pint to. Nothin’ to Declare , the band’s domestic debut, features such entertaining song titles as “Fuck Off House,” “Drying Out All Day,” and the crown jewel “Fuck ‘Em All Bar One and Bollox to Him” (try saying that five times fast!); the whole album itself delivers righteously, proving to be just as entertaining as said song titles. To top it all off, the band members’ credits include the brands of beer they drink and cigarettes they smoke — I guess that’s somethin’ to declare.

Radical, 77 Bleecker St., New York City, NY 10012,

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