Dear God, make it stop! As if the pun wasn’t bad enough, this band’s sole purpose in life is to do ska versions of Sinatra tunes. The music’s actually OK (tolerable, at least), but any hope of credibility, or even entertainment value, is lost the minute the vocals come in, and singer “Chairman Sunbeam” tries to marry Sinatra’s style to a really bad Jamaican accent. Yes, it’s as horrible as it sounds. This isn’t so bad it’s good, it’s just bad. I resent the fact that this record even exists — it’s jokey novelty crap like this that keeps real, valid, vibrant ska artists from getting the respect they deserve. I’d wish a particularly virulent social disease on all the members of Skanatra, but I can’t imagine that anyone would actually ever sleep with these losers. Instead, I’ll just forewarn you all to avoid this record like the plague that it is.

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