From the liner-notes and band name, I am deducing that these 5 guys from Planet City like KTM Sportmotorcycles, Austin Powers, and Kevin Smith movies; how interesting it would be if they did more songs about these topics. May I suggest a rock opera? Not to detract from their current lyrical topics and imagery; they are quite honest about the dark, heavy music that they create (and this should be commended). I noticed a recurring theme of “looking in the mirror” in the lyrics. It’s sort of a solemn, Rollins-ish poetry thing without all the over-the-edge yelling. Overall, the band name suits their music very well. One of my favorite things about this 9-track CD is the prominent bass-guitar playing. I have come across too many bands that completely hide the bassist, and end up sounding top-heavy. Not so with Spline!

Longview Records, 1715 E. Fowler Ave. R-116, Tampa, FL 33612

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